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Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh
Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Plywood is wood veneers. They are made from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer. These veneers are bond together with adjacent layers to produce a flat sheet; Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. Plywood is a very versatile engineered wood, used for structural, interior and exterior applications - from formwork through to internal panelling. They include medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particle board (chipboard).

As a leading Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh, Laksh Ply manufactures and supplies a wide range of plywood that is ideal for structural application, exterior use, shearwalls, construction flooring, formwork, interiors usage, webbed beams, and marine application.

The plywood manufactured by us comes with several benefits such as:

Increased Stability – Offers parent wood and improved properties in its laminated structure.

Surface Dimensional Stability - Our plywood sheets are designed to remain relatively stable under changes of temperature and moisture.

High Impact Resistance – Our plywood can accommodate the short-term overload; up to twice the design load.

Chemical Resistance – The plywood offered by us doesn’t corrode. They can be used in chemical works as they chemical resistance.

High Strength – They have high strength to its weight ratio, cost effective to use.

Panel Shear - Due its cross laminated structure, our plywood’s panel shear is nearly double that of solid timber.

It’s the quality of service and products that made Laksh Ply a renowned plywood manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. For more details about our plywood, give us a call or visit us physically.

Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

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